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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Romney Verses -- Don't Trust What I Say

Mitt Romney keeps his campaign well-scripted with messaging so simplistic that it should be insulting to every voting American.  When the candidate himself or a campaign spokesperson is questioned on his legendary flip-flops on core conservative issues (often framed by the clip of him describing his views as “progressive” and “moderate” during his campaign for Governor of Massachusetts) the boilerplate response is two-fold:

1. Deflect the question by attacking Newt Gingrich as being the greater offender. Redirection may be Politics 101, and so by itself insufficient reason for outright condemnation, nonetheless it serves as a reminder of the man’s utter lack of creativity.

2. After this, assert that Romney should be judged not on how he campaigned, but on how he governed once elected. Then mention several of the ostensibly conservative achievements of his administration.

So, in other words, we are asked not to judge Romney by what he says while campaigning, but by what he does when in office... Wait a minute!  Romney is not yet President of the United States—he is *campaigning* to become President of the United States!  So, by his own logic, we should not believe anything he says!

By his choice of campaign talking points, political hermaphrodite Romney displays, in effect, an utter contempt for the voter’s intelligence.
I don’t know about you, but I feel insulted by this strategy that assumes I’m not smart enough to add two and two together and see through the inherent contradiction in his explanation.

Of course, can we really expect an honest answer from Romney on his flip-flops, when the real reason is simply that he is a man who believes it is justifiable to say anything to win an election; that the ends justify the means. Is that the kind of person you want as President of the United States?

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