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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Trump is the Batman Gotham Deserves

Julian Edgans
July 22, 2019

I've long struggled over the difference between "the hero we deserve" and "the hero we need." What do the two phrases mean, exactly? If Batman is "the hero we deserve," and Harvey Dent is "the hero we need," what does that mean?
“Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.”  – Lt. Gordon
Batman did what was necessary to overcome the rampant corruption in Gotham. He acted outside the law and beat up criminals with his fists, saving the innocent and stopping criminals because those charged with acting inside the law were powerless— they were constrained by the law, while criminals were not afraid to act outside it with impunity. There were few clean cops politicians and bureaucrats, and most of those were intimidated, blackmailed, or killed when they became inconvenient. Batman recognized that the system was damaged beyond repair, that the overwhelming influence of criminals on Gotham's institutions could not be overcome because the people of Gotham were too demoralized for it to recover. Without a popular movement, there was no will or support for a cleansing of the city government and police force, and then of the city. But Batman's "reforms" could never ultimately win by themselves, because they were desperate, brutal, and illegal—but it was the only way to pave the way for "the hero we need."

Harvey Dent acted from inside the system. First, as Internal Affairs, he exposed corruption in the police force, and later as District Attorney, his reforms were only possible because of the hope Batman gave to the people of Gotham. If the Joker hadn't managed to defeat him, Harvey would likely have proceeded to clean up the city, and goodness and niceness would have largely prevailed. Only because the enemy was brilliant and insane did he manage to twist and turn Harvey Dent against Batman, and force him to continue his vigilantism a little longer (for one more movie, to be precise).
Harvey Dent and Batman were both "the hero we need," just at different stages. Gotham needed Batman first, and Harvey Dent second, but that was too much nuance to turn into an inspired soundbite at the end of the movie.
And here's the real point, if you're still with me. Donald Trump is Batman—the parallels are uncanny.
The loony left has had a stranglehold on our institutions. Much like the mob in Batman Begins, they ran everything with coldblooded criminal efficiency for years, with only the occasional costumed villain showing his powdered or masked face. I'm not talking about normal, run-of-the-mill corruption here (though of course that is a factor); I'm talking about the rampant politically correct, reality defying, collectivist, intersectional politics nonsense that has controlled the country for the past decade or two, and had been growing silently since long before. The left is the mob, and everything that came from that.
The forces of order—Republicans and the ever dwindling sane Democrats—were unable to cope, because they themselves were corrupted and overrun, and they failed to recognize the threat. The traditional media, almost completely compromised by these lunatics, worked tirelessly to churn out propaganda, which too many "centrists" bought like the chumps they are. Political normals thought that these gangsters on the left could be reasoned with, that there could be compromise. They thought that "surely they love America just as much as we do—they just have a different way of achieving freedom and prosperity."
But too many years of one-sided "compromise" saw normal Americans demoralized and dejected much like the people of Gotham, as it became obvious that compromise with totalitarians would only mean the encroachment of insanity from the left could only be slowed, never stopped. Eventually, enough normals said "enough, and to hell with the status quo—you people on the left are dangerous and insane." They had a Tea Party, but they had no champion. They were ready for their Batman to act outside the law—i.e., outside the social norms and status quo of political decorum.
Then Donald Trump defied the odds and was elected president. The left thought his nomination would be a landslide for Hillary, but they underestimated that normal Americans saw great value in Trump, someone who wasn't afraid to act outside the social norms. Just like Batman dresses up and flits around the city at night, punching people who deserve to be punched, protecting normals from being preyed upon, so does Trump ignore the decorum that the media has traditionally used to shield their favorites even as they viciously slander their enemies.
Their strategy worked so well for so long that now that it is no longer working, they have been driven careening off the ledge of sanity, mouths frothing and tears of rage streaming behind them as they try to continually turn it up to 11, not realizing normals have put on their ear plugs and aren't interested in listening anymore. They scream "racist" and "Nazi" even louder and more frequently, but normals are no longer fazed, and neither is Trump.
Gotham PD tried to hunt Batman, blaming him for the fall and murder of Harvey Dent, blaming him for the crimes he did not commit along with those he did. In a similar manner, those who some thought to be allies like Max Boot, Anna Navarro, and Jennifer Rubin, the professional "conservatives," now hunt Trump and blame him for anything and everything, because he is a threat to the normal order, and thus a threat to their comfortable position as loyal opposition.
Just as Batman defeated the garden-variety criminals only to be faced with a new breed of super criminals, wearing costumes and hatching devious, hare-brained plans to variously control and destroy the city, we are seeing that super villains are emerging on the left. No longer are they interested in pretending they are for freedom, or tolerance, or any of the other American concepts Democrats once gave lip-service to. No, they are full-throated communists who are interested in literally beating you up in the streets if you dare to disagree with them, or fail to shout your agreement with them loudly or enthusiastically enough. They are looking for reasons to harm you across the spectrum—financially, emotionally, physically, however they can. They are arrogantly calling literally every normal American a white supremacist, regardless of ethnicity, because they hate you; and they are calling you the worst names they can think of, and don't give a damn about being logically or factually consistent. They are demanding the destruction of the economy for what even disinterested parties agree is little or no gain, because they want to punish you for defying them.
Are we are approaching the zenith of unrest? Will it continue to grow even as Trump is undoubtedly elected again? What will happen after Batman's second term ends? We can only pray that there is a Harvey Dent ready to pick up the pieces.
But there may not be. This isn't a comic book, where the good guys are destined to win. In world history, the good guys usually lose, and the price is often the death and enslavement of millions. What happens if the left manages to pull out a political victory? If they gain political power, I believe they will pull out all the stops to make sure there is never another free election in the United States again. If that happens, there can only be war.
I was skeptical of Trump, and I will still criticize him when he deserves it, but my criticism is muted by the fact that, like it or not, he is what stands between us and the demonic left.
The left must never be allowed to wield power. The collectivist left must be destroyed utterly. The gloves have to come off on the right; they've been off on the left for a long time.

* * *

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Jussie Smollett and the Thought Police

Marcus Clintonius

The MSM is attributing actor Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax to dissatisfaction with his TV series salary and a desire to raise his profile in the entertainment industry. That’s only part of the story... in fact a small part of the story.

The bigger issue is not Smollett’s clumsy staging of an assault, but the political climate in the country that invites, no—actually demands—hate crime hoaxes. A meme mocking Smollett making the rounds on social media declares that the proliferation of hoaxes is due to the “supply of racism not meeting the demand.”'

This hits the nail on the head. In evidence is the response by media talking heads expressing their outrage at the alleged attack before the hoax was uncovered.

“This is America... in 2019,” CNN’s Brooke Baldwin somberly intoned.

A View harpy sneered, “I’m disgusted by people who wear hats that say MAGA.”

Lesbian actress Ellen Page was almost moved to tears as she lectured Stephen Colbert’s Late Show audience that the attack was caused by Trump and the Vice President:

“... Mike Pence... who like wishes I couldn’t be married. Let’s be clear. Connect the dots. This is what happens if you are in a position of power and you hate people, and you want to cause suffering to them. … you spend your career trying to cause suffering. What do you think is going to happen?”

A vast swath of America wants to believe that Trump’s election spurred a spike in “hate crimes” across the nation perpetrated by MAGA hat-wearing white supremacist Trump supporters. This narrative is pushed by the MSM, social media, Hollywood and the entertainment industry, and fertilized on virtually every college campus by the diversity droids who now call the shots in the Academy.

Why would anyone believe that a video showing a young man in a MAGA hat smiling at a Native American man banging a drum... was really mocking him? Even when the rest of the video surfaced, revealing that the boys had been verbally accosted with racial and sexual epithets by a group of black thugs, and that Nathan Phillips, the Native American, joined the attack... why would reporters and pundits still insist that the boy’s awkward smile was a smirk, an expression of his “white privilege”?

Because Brooke Baldwin got it almost right. This was what they want America to be... in 2019. Demonizing whiteness, and particularly, white masculinity, has become part of the national zeitgeist.

Contrary to the MSM’s slanderous narrative, the behavior of Nicholas Sandmann and the boys from Covington Catholic High School at the pro-life rally in Washington was beyond reproach.

They called us ‘racists,’ ‘bigots,’ ‘white crackers,’ ‘faggots,’ and ‘incest kids’’” Sandmann says in his statement, describing the taunts hurled at them by the self-styled Black Israelites.

The provocations of the Native American group followed:

“You stole our land,” and “Go back to Europe,” were some of their insults. And eventually, Phillips approached Sandmann to get right in his face, banging his drum and chanting.

Here’s how Sandmann describes what it was like and how he responded:

“I never understood why either of the two groups of protesters were engaging with us, or exactly what they were protesting at the Lincoln Memorial. We were simply there to meet a bus, not become central players in a media spectacle. This is the first time in my life I've ever encountered any sort of public protest, let alone this kind of confrontation or demonstration.

“I was not intentionally making faces at the protester. I did smile at one point because I wanted him to know that I was not going to become angry, intimidated or be provoked into a larger confrontation. I am a faithful Christian and practicing Catholic, and I always try to live up to the ideals my faith teaches me -- to remain respectful of others, and to take no action that would lead to conflict or violence.”

Sandmann and the rest of the high schoolers acted with remarkable restraint. It is gratifying that they are now suing several media outlets and personalities for the outrageous libeling of their actions.

* * *

Hate crime hoaxes are legion. The majority of such “hate” incidents are faked by the supposed victims. On the college campus, I’m aware of none that weren’t faked.

The Daily Caller recently published a list of 21 hate crime hoaxes in the “Trump era,”[i] including:

·       the Louisiana Muslim woman who claimed two MAGA-hat wearing white men grabbed her wallet and hijab while yelling racial slurs;

·       the Church organist who spray-painted a swastika and “Heil Trump” on his own church;

·       the Texas man who set fire to his car and spray-painted “n----- lovers” on his garage;

·       the black student who spread racist notes around the campus of St. Olaf College in Minnesota to “draw attention to concerns” about the racist climate on campus;

·       ditto the Kansas State U. black student who placed racist notes on his own car, reading “Go home n----- boy,” and “Whites only”;  

·       the hate crime hoax of Khalil Cavil, a waiter in a Texas restaurant, who posted a picture on Facebook of a racist note calling him a “terrorist” on a bill in lieu of a tip.

* * *

On the heels of the revelations of the Smollett hate crime hoax there’s a rash of calls from conservative pundits to set the penalties for hoaxes equal to those for real hate crimes. This misses the point.

Certainly, bearing false witness to a hate crime should be treated at least as severely as the law prescribes for the actual thing, but there is a larger issue… a greater transgression of our sense of the morality that underlies the laws and customs we in the West have chosen to employ in our self-governance.

The original sin lies in the conception of “hate crimes” in the first place. Anyone with a lick of sense could see where this was going when it first reared its ugly head in the California state legislature (where else?). Most, if not all, violent crimes contain at least the seed of hatred. Adding an extra degree of “hate” to the motivation for the crime has now proven to be a recipe for legal mischief. (Just ask Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson.) Who decides the who-what-where-and-how much of this extra hate?

Hate crime mania is a child of identity politics—that branch of political correctness that establishes a hierarchy of groups categorized by oppressors at the bottom and a competing victimhood scale for all the other “oppressed,” “marginalized” and/or “minority” groups. Whites and males are implicitly exempt from the oppression sweepstakes.

On your typical college campus, the adjective most frequently associated with the word “masculinity” is “toxic.”  “White privilege” is now a standard fixture in curricula, and special forums on it are regularly held to reach those students that manage to avoid it in the classroom.

The identity politics commissars aren’t bashful about the double standard. Members of the oppressor groups cannot be victims of discrimination. Case closed.

* * *

Implicit in the prosecution of a “hate crime” is the notion of the aggressor’s state-of-mind. Hatred is an emotion. It requires a thought process. The thinking of the “hater” must be divined, and proven to a jury.

You can see where this is going: George Orwell’s dystopian future, where Thought Police round up citizens guilty of “wrong” thinking. It is not hyperbole to suggest that this is now the reality on the college campus. When a professor runs afoul of the canons of political correctness, it’s not because they have a policy of treating students differently according to their identity. No professor has a policy of grading blacks lower than whites. The notion is absurd. When someone on campus is painted with the Scarlet Letter “R,”  “S,” or “H,” and now “T” (the most common identity politics transgressions) it’s because they are believed to harbor racist, sexist, “homophobic” or ”transphobic” ideas. The Thought Police have arrived. They’ve been patrolling our campuses for years now.

Hate crime hoaxers serve a higher calling. The ends justify the means. It harkens back to Marxists who justify the slaughter of thousands to bring about the perfect proletarian state. It’s the same mind-set as that of radical feminists who pick male student’s names at random and put them on posters declaring them rapists—because all men are potential rapists.

Meanwhile, the true believers dismayed by the revelations of Smollett’s faked hate crime seek plausible deniability in explanations that avoid the larger truth. If Smollett’s hoax can be attributed to greed or “aberrant behavior,” then the “woke” social justice warrior can avoid the unpleasant task of questioning one of their core beliefs: the inherent racism and sexism of America.

# # #

[i] https://dailycaller.com/2019/02/18/hoax-hate-crimes-list/