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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Notes from the 3rd Rail: Stage IV (Excerpt)

Excerpted from "Lies My Feminist Told Me,"
ch. 1 of Notes from the 3rd Rail (volume 2): Stage IV

- Marcus Clintonius Americus

Transgenderism in sports

Why are so many female athletes lesbians? This is one of those unspoken questions that political correctness demands never be raised in polite society. These lesbians aren’t the type of men’s sexual fantasies. They are typically the “butch” type, masculine in appearance, attitude, and style, and grossly unattractive to men. Nature seems to imply that there is something inherently masculine about athletics. Female athletes are not usually considered attractive by the typical man, though male athletes are always attractive to women, even when they are not particularly handsome. Take Dennis Rodman. Please. Being a physically fit successful athlete is sufficient to attract the opposite sex, whether or not he comes with a huge bankroll.

What happens, physically, to female athletes? Body fat decreases. Consequently, breast size reduces. Normal menstruation cycles can be interrupted. It seems Nature is trying to send a message, but we don’t want to hear it. Consider, breast enhancement is the most common cosmetic surgery procedure, performed on over 300,000 women in 2018[1] who spent $1.2 billion so they could “feel more like a woman.” Yet young women are encouraged to pursue activities that directly cause the “need” for this surgery. Isn’t that strange?

While feminists are trying to negotiate a coherent position on pay equity in competitive sports, despite the inconvenient biological and economic realities, they now face a much more serious threat: the challenge of transgendered women. This recent development should settle any lingering argument over women’s comparative physical equality with men, but it is leading to even greater absurdities.

Transgendered women (men who surgically and chemically mutilate themselves to conform to their inner true female sexual identity) now insist on competing in women’s athletics, and where they have participated they have invariably dominated. In January 2018, Franklin Pierce U. junior Craig Telfer finished eighth in a field of nine in the Men’s 400 meter race. The following year, newly transgendered CeCe Telfer, now a senior, won the NCAA Division II women’s 400 meter hurdle. Head coach Zach Emerson gushed, “I’ve never met anybody as strong as her mentally in my entire life.”[2]

In 2019, Connecticut high school transgender athletes Terry Miller of Bloomfield High and Andraya Yearwood from Cromwell High School finished 1st and 2nd respectively in the state 55-meter dash indoor track championship. Miller also won the 300-meter indoor track meet. Last year, they both topped the 100-meter outdoor track championships.

The top six of the 55-meter go on to compete in the New England regionals. Eighth-place Selina Soule bravely spoke up about her elimination. After all, it meant she wouldn’t be competing in Boston where she might’ve been spotted by college coaches scouting for athletic scholarship candidates.

"We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it's demoralizing," she said. 

Transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon, a philosophy professor who teaches a class on “ethics and inclusion” at the College of Charleston in South Carolina, won the gold medal in the women’s world championship cycling race in 2019. Jennifer Wagner, the bronze-medalist, initially divulged her frustration at having to compete with the much larger and stronger biological man in a series of tweet exchanges. “It’s definitely NOT fair,” she complained. (Note that lung capacity is a huge factor in competitive cycling (refer above, p. 23), and cross-sex surgery does nothing to change an individual’s lungs.) Several days later, after the collective voices of political correctness had their say, Wagner apologized to McKinnon.[3]

“After having some time to reflect, I realize my twitter comments earlier this week unintentionally fanned the flames on a controversial situation, and that I regret,” Wagner wrote. “I apologize, @rachelvmckinnon, for not properly congratulating you on race day. I hope you accept it a few days late. Congratulations and enjoy your off-season.”

Surprisingly, the outspoken champion for transgenderism refused to accept the apology, rebuking Wagner: “She merely apologizes for being caught saying it publicly. She wants to ban trans women from competing. They will fail…”

Interviewed by USA Today, McKinnon pontificated, “This is bigger than sports and it’s about human rights... By catering to cisgender people’s views, that furthers transgender people’s oppression. When it comes to extending rights to a minority population, why would we ask the majority? I bet a lot of white people were pissed off when we desegregated sports racially and allowed black people. But they had to deal with it.”[4]

“Cisgender” is PC-speak for normal. Being attracted to the opposite sex can no longer be classified simply as normal, it is now regarded as just one flavor in a continuum, one that requires its own label to differentiate it from any of the other, perfectly normal, sexual orientations, such as homosexuality, bisexuality, queer, or any of the other 30-odd, or 50-odd colors in the spectrum. I wonder, is bestiality on the spectrum? How about pedophilia? Not yet? If not, why not? If not now, when?

McKinnon objects to the IOC (International Olympic Committee) guidelines established in 2015 that require transgender athletes to block their natural testosterone levels, restricting it to 10 nanomoles per liter. She vehemently disagrees with the mandate, arguing that the testosterone cutoff is “arbitrary,” and that there’s no right way to measure it. The Olympic charter says that sport is a human right, she argues. “We cannot have a woman legally recognized as a trans woman in society,” McKinnon says, “and not be recognized that way in sports. … Focusing on performance advantage is largely irrelevant because this is a rights issue. We shouldn’t be worried about trans people taking over the Olympics. We should be worried about their fairness and human rights instead.”

We will know soon enough how relevant transgenderism will be in next year’s Olympics. I think it’s going to be a big deal.

TERF wars

If you’re looking for a ray of hope in the Left’s war on normalcy, transgenderism is ripping feminism apart. It’s led to the deepest fissure yet in identity politics, one that threatens one of its foundational pillars: feminism. It is a given that the end result of identity politics is self-destruction through internecine conflict, something we can all look forward to. Cue “The Mao Tse Tung Hour Negotiations” clip from Network[5]. What is identity politics, after all, but a giant Publisher’s Clearinghouse victimization sweepstakes? Chairman Mao said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun, but in the PC present, power comes through one’s membership in a victim class. Predominance comes from jockeying for a higher position on the victim-privilege scale, which invariably requires elbowing-out the competition. “Intersectionality” is the stop-gap strategy to forestall the inevitable implosion of warring identity groups, getting them all on-side by keeping the focus on the common enemy: whites and men. (Refer to p. 71.)

On one side of the rift are lesbian-feminists who desire nothing more than sexual apartheid between the sexes. Biological masculinity is toxic... period. On the other side are feminists that aren’t ready to jettison an enduring plank in the Left’s catechism, “inclusivity,” simply because it has led to rather awkward circumstances that directly disempower women (as in sports). This rift is a real big deal in feminist circles. It’s referred to as the “TERF wars,” TERF being an acronym for “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” As the name implies, it applies to the first group, those that wish to exclude transgendered “women” from their moral universe. The only thing the two sides share in common is their hatred of the patriarchy. The debate centers, then, on, on the definition of “man” and “woman.” Can a man shed his inherent toxic masculinity if he takes the ultimate step toward denial of his manhood? The TERFs say No. There can be no redemption of Original Sin. This position, then, implicitly rejects the notion of sex as a social construct...

‘Dem’s fighting words!

Transgender dating woes

Another hot topic in the trans/identity-politics theater is the refusal of “cis” men to date trans women. How dare they?

In the BBC popular reality show Celebrity Big Brother, the 2018 season included a transgendered woman in the household. When a male housemate admitted that he wouldn’t hook up with a trans women, the episode set off a brouhaha in the House and a social media firestorm.[6]

According to one Zinnia Jones, a transgender blogger, men who would never consider dating a trans women (or men on the way to transitioning) are prejudiced and “exclusionary,” and should “work through that”[7] .

There is now a movement within the trans community to prod and shame normal men into including trans women in their dating pool, against their own natural instincts, because to do otherwise is “transphobic”—the latest “deplorable.”

. . .

Targeting children

Social coercion to normalize sexual partnerships with transgenders may be laughable, but encouraging this madness in children is no joke.

The Obama administration’s infamous “Dear Colleague” letter of May 2016 under the joint auspices of the DOE and DOJ (ostensibly “guidance” only), threatened schools with denial of federal funds for failure of compliance with Title IX.[8] It instructs schools to honor a student’s transgender request even over the objections of the child’s parents. [9]

One such parent, Jay Keck, wrote an impassioned opinion piece in USA Today, describing just what it’s like to have a daughter all of a sudden decide she wants to be a boy[10]. According to the traumatized dad, she had been typically “girlish” all of her life until meeting a girl at the suburban Chicago high school she attended who recently came out as transgender. “Shortly after meeting her, my daughter declared that she, too, was a boy trapped in a girl’s body and picked out a new masculine name,” Keck states.

In the past, the girl had issues forming friendships, and had been diagnosed as being on the autism scale, says Keck, but throughout her childhood, “there were no signs that she wanted to be a boy... she loved stuffed animals, Pocahontas and wearing colorful bathing suits... I can’t recall a single interest that seemed unusually masculine, or any evidence that she was uncomfortable as a girl.”

When the astonished parents found out that their daughter had made the gender assignment (social) switch in school, their efforts to force the school to address her by her birth name met first with lip service, and it soon became clear the school had no intention of honoring the request. Meetings with district administrators were rebuffed. They were told the school had to “follow the law.”

Keck soon learned that the ACLU had sent threatening letters to schools warning that it was against the law to disclose a student’s gender identity, even to their parents—which Keck claims is false, at least in Texas where a judge blocked the Obama guidelines.

Consulting with a psychologist was equally frustrating. The therapist confirmed that the sudden transgender identity shift was caused by underlying mental health issues, but he would only admit this off the record, not commit this evaluation to paper for fear of a backlash. At last count 18 states have legislated bans on “conversion therapy,” which prevent therapists from questioning a child’s expressed gender identity. Parents who try to fight for the well-being of their children can face criminal charges of child abuse, and have their children taken from them.

The NEA, ACLU, the Human Rights Council, Planned Parenthood, and even the ALA (American Library Association) all contribute and collude to push this radical agenda.

Pre-school children are now directly targeted. There is a concerted nationwide effort to desensitize all manner of sexual deviancy. The ALA is pursuing an aggressive plan to indoctrinate pre-school children through such things as Drag Queen Story Hours, coming soon to a library near you, where drag queens cavort and prance their way into the hearts and minds of innocent children. Such a thing would’ve been unthinkable just a few short years ago. Recently, one such drag queen gave his pre-school charges twerking lessons[11].

The ALA held a week-long national conference in Washington DC in June, 2019. Over 21,000 librarians from across the country were instructed in strategies to advance “gender identity” ideology in schools and bring “Drag Queen Story Times” into public libraries, and how to circumvent the objections of local parents.

These were some of the featured workshops:

  • Queerness in Comics
  • A Child’s Room to Choose: Encouraging Gender Identity and Expression in School and Public Libraries
  • LGBTQ+ Creators and Characters in Kids, Tween, and Teen Comics
  • Reading the Rainbow: Teaching Kids about Pride and LGBTQ+ History
  • Are You Going to Tell My Parents?: The Minor’s Right to Privacy in the Library
  • Telling Stories, Expanding Boundaries: Drag Queen Storytimes in Libraries

Among the book choices offered to push deviant sexual lifestyles on children were these: My Brother’s Husband, Lumberjanes, and Pregnant Butch. The “LGBTQ+ Creators and Characters in Kids, Tween, and Teen Comics” workshop’s panel of “queer creators and allies” discussed “the importance of centering queer stories, working to break stereotypes and the importance of giving all young readers the chance to meet queer characters in comics pages.”

Several of the men hired to put on these “Drag Queen Story Hours” have been exposed as registered sex-offenders.[12]

Meanwhile in Hollywood, Charlize Theron has decided to raise her three-year-old son as a girl.

Transgenderism is being encouraged to children before they even hit puberty. In schools, it’s often now “cool” to identify as “non-binary.”

The national homosexual rights activist organization, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) claim, “Children are not born knowing what it means to be a boy or a girl; they learn it from their parents, older children and others around them.” Though “gender nonconforming behavior does not necessarily mean that a child is transgender,” they generously allow, “sometimes it does—with some children identifying as another gender than the one they were assigned by the time they are toddlers.”[13]

In the parlance of transgenderism, we are not born with a biological sex, it is assigned at birth.

Children choosing to change their sex, with the approval of their “woke” parents and the affirmation of therapists and clinicians, start with the purely social changes. They adopt a new name, insist on being addressed by the proper pronouns in school, and cross-dress. Next, when entering adolescence they are prescribed puberty-blocking medications, followed by cross-sex hormones. In their mid-teens they can undergo “top” surgery, mastectomies for girls, and breast enhancement for boys. Finally, they have “bottom” surgery where the intimate surgical mutilation is performed on their genitalia. Further medicinal and possible surgical treatments can be required throughout their lives. Sterility is a common side-effect.

In the UK, during 2009-10 a total of 40 girls were referred for gender reassignment surgery. By 2017-18 the number had risen to 1,806. That is a 4,400 percent increase over eight years. For boys seeking to become girls, the respective numbers are 57 to 713, a 1,150 percent increase[14]. Here in the US, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law, it is estimated that 150,000 teenagers aged 13 to 17 identify as transgender as of 2017[15].

What we have here is a social contagion, mass hysteria, where children going through the trials and tribulations of growing up are encouraged through peer pressure and destructive cultural messages from authority figures to believe that their angst and inner turmoil are due to being born the wrong “assigned” sex.

Child drag queens

The normalization of homosexuality, and now of transgenderism, has led to the collapse of yet another moral safeguard against societal chaos: the protection of childhood innocence. Until just a few scant years ago, preventing the sexualization of children was a sacrosanct value, embraced by those across the political spectrum. Only a pariah organization like NAMBLA[16] defended pedophilia. Now this immoral contagion has infected those arbiters of psychological normalcy, the APA, who have been testing the waters and floating trial balloons since 1998[17],[18],[19], including their infamous correction of the “error” in the introduction of the 5th edition of the DSM in 2013 that temporarily reclassified pedophilia as a sexual orientation.[20]

It appears the time is ripe for normalizing the sexualization of children. Witness ‘Desmond is Amazing,’ the adolescent drag queen, and nine-year-old Kween Kee Kee, the latest internet sensation. Both of these children are fully supported by their parents who manage their “careers.” ‘Desmond is Amazing’s web site[21] features this description:

Desmond Napoles (stage name: Desmond is Amazing) is a 12-year old drag kid, awarded LGBTQ advocate, outspoken gay youth, editorial and runway model, public speaker, performer, founder of his own drag house: the Haus of Amazing, fashion designer, film and TV actor, published author, muse, legendary up-and-coming member of the original pioneering voguing house, the House of UltraOmni, and icon from New York City. Most importantly, he is an inspiration to many and a representation of hope for the future to come.

Desmond was featured on NBC’s Today show[22] and ABC’s Good Morning America, to the sheer delight of the hosts and the audience[23]. Part of his business model includes dancing for men in gay bars, which is proudly defended by his mom[24]. His performance at the 3 Dollar Bill, a “queer venue”—i.e., a gay sex cabaret—in Brooklyn, was met with outrage on social media, but defended by his mom on Facebook[25]:

"Articles have been coming out claiming that my son danced half naked and stripped in a sleazy gay bar for grown men who threw dollars at him and is being exploited and forced to perform...

THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN BLATANT HOMOPHOBIA and display of the grossly outdated belief that gay men are pedophiles... His engagements are contracted and booked by his management agency... All of his performances are conducted in accordance with the Department of Labor’s regulations for child performers."

Waxing philosophically, she concludes,

"...drag is changing and becoming more widespread and popular with people of all ages, genders, identities, races, abilities, and disabilities... Instead of tearing drag kids down, why not mentor them? They are the future of drag."

But he’s now twelve, and may be approaching his expiration date. Kween Kee Kee is the up-and-comer. He has a social media presence, but as of this writing lacks a business web site[26]. His parents need to step up their game.

* * *

The great irony in all this is that a socialist tyranny, such as the USSR or China, are criticized for indoctrinating sexual mores into its children, though with the express purpose of socializing their children toward building healthy families through marriage, something actually beneficial to society. But what we are doing in the now “godless” secular West, is promoting only the deviant and perverse aspects of sexuality to our children, while ensuring that no healthy traditional family values stemming from common sense or... shudder... religion... are allowed to contaminate the progressive, “inclusive” curriculum. Because, you know... the ACLU and that separation of Church and State thing... It’s really quite mind-boggling.

The other mass hysteria

In the 1970s and 80s another mass hysteria swept the country. Fantastical reports of pre-school centers fronting satanic cults practicing ritual ceremonies with children made national headlines. Zealous prosecutors, credulous psychiatrists expert in “recovered memory syndrome,” as well as stupid virtue-signaling adults from all walks of life, all “believed the children.” Innocent victims of the witchhunt languished in prison for decades. Fells Acre daycare in Massachusetts and the McMartin daycare center in California are the two most infamous cases, but countless fathers in custody disputes across the country lost all contact with their children due to the seeds planted by the child sex-abuse hysteria believers. Absurd allegations were implanted into the minds of innocent children by crusading child advocates and psychiatrists. Who knows how many of those scarred children eventually faced up to the truth about their “recovered memories”? How many father-child relationships were irreparably harmed, many permanently destroyed?

The cult of “transgenderism” is now a mass delusion of epic proportions. The similarities are striking. Despite the evidence of de-transitioners (those who change back to their real sex) and “desistsers” (those who experience “gender dysphoria” but naturally grow out of it before taking any steps to transition), the “affirmers” will not be swayed.

An article in the left-wing Atlantic acknowledging that not every case of sexual dysphoria that culminates in the full monty medical process is a “success”—and highlighting some specific tragic results—generated howls of outrage.[27]

Left-wing news outfit ThinkProgress chides “desistance” research, referring to the “desistance myth” as “the pernicious junk science stalking trans kids.”[28] The Human Rights Campaign advise parents who aren’t sure if their kid is transgender to “consult a gender specialist...” and reminds them, “being transgender is not a phase, and trying to dismiss it as such can be harmful during a time when your child most needs support and validation.”[29]

A leading trans-affirmer psychologist, Diane Ehrensaft, is one who “believes the children”:

“It’s the children who are now leading us... If you listen to the children, you will discover their gender... It is not for us to tell, but for them to say.”[30]

The casualties of this mega-folly will not just be those transgender children that survive to become tragic, twisted malformed adults (according to a 2014 study, 41 percent of trans respondents had attempted suicide[31]). A decade-or-so hence, when these “experiments” have reached full adulthood—and when we come to our senses—the full effects of our insanity will dwarf the fallout from the ritual child abuse hysteria of the seventies and eighties. The “woke” parents and sex change-affirming clinicians who encouraged them will sleep with guns under their pillows, in mortal fear of the retribution their charges will visit upon them.


When did “gender-bending” first become a thing? In April 1977, the TV soap opera All That Glitters debuted, running for 65 episodes over 13 weeks. It may have been the first instance of a trans-type meme reaching for a mass audience. The show’s setting was a world of gender role-reversal, with women occupying traditional male roles of business executives and breadwinners, and men suffering the slings and arrows of the weaker sex’s lot in life as secretaries or stay-at-home house-husbands.

Though a commercial failure at the time, since then gender-bending is invariably portrayed as a social and artistic good. What was once “edgy” fare has now become the norm. In TV and movies, women are frequently cast in leadership roles: the hard-bitten police commissioner, the tough-as-nails soldier, ass-kicking superhero, the empathetic political leader whose inner strength and determination comes to fore during moments of crisis, etc. Men are relegated to subordinate roles, often doting on and competing for the female protagonist’s affections. Cue Gravity and The Hunger Games. Even historical dramas set in the patriarchal past have been retrofitted with the new sex-role inversion. PBS’ Jamestown comes to mind, and the 1994 TV movie Guinevere. Genderized names for female occupations (waitress, actress, heroine) have all been successfully expunged from the language.

Normalization of homosexuality

The normalization of homosexuality was a gradual process, but received a huge boost when the APA de-pathologized it in 1973, removing it from the second edition of the DSM—the same year as Rowe v. Wade, coincidently.

Since then, la différence has been inexorably demoted in every facet of the culture. Certainly, Hollywood and the entertainment industry have done their part; but have they set the trend or are they accurately reflecting it?

A recent photo of San Francisco officials shows lesbian Chief of Police Heather Fong, transgender President of the SF Police Commission Theresa Sparks (also the CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer), and a transgendered male police officer, Sgt. Stephan Thorne. The accompanying text reads:

Where else are you going to find an Asian lesbian police chief, one deputy chief who is a woman who was a man, another deputy chief who is a man who was a woman, and a police commissioner who was a man and is now a woman whose full-time job is running a dildo store. Now that's “diversity”!!!

But any discussion of homosexuality should begin by recognizing its distinctly different character in men and women. Homosexuality is congenital in a very small fraction of the population. Reproductive biology and mathematics dictate this. I’m more inclined to believe it results from hormonal causes in the womb rather than genetics. Whatever its cause, congenital homosexuality accounts for the smallest fraction of practicing homosexuals in the general population. Homosexuality that is not innate is due to adaptive/learned behavior. It is from here, accounting for its greatest prevalence, where the differences between male and female homosexuality diverge.

Female sexuality is far more plastic than men’s. Prison is the ideal laboratory for analyzing differences in male and female homosexuality. (Religious orders aren’t a good laboratory, as those entering one do so willingly, and it’s entirely possible (probable?) that innate sexual inclinations may play a part in the choice to join a celibate order.) Weaker men are ready targets for brutal rapes, and some adapt to the traumatic nightmare reality by acquiescing, essentially adopting the role of the submissive homosexual partner simply to survive. The majority of male prisoners of course, don’t voluntarily adopt homosexuality as the outlet for their normal sexual urges.

The opposite is true in women’s prisons. The majority of female inmates pair off, and not always into dominant/masculine – submissive/female pairings. Women have a need for physical intimacy that overrides the natural aversion to same-sex couplings. Men, who also have a need for physical intimacy, can more readily adapt to a solitary existence.


Transgenderism, for some, could be viewed as the logical endpoint of homosexuality. Same-sex attraction is certainly akin to adopting the identity of the opposite sex, in at least some percentage of homosexuals. The present transgender social contagion, then, can be seen as an inevitable side-effect of the normalization of homosexuality within a modern society capable of medical miracles.

The rejection of biological sex as a unique binary identifier is perhaps the ultimate insanity to afflict a culture, and may be an evolutionary signal that ours is entering its death throes. In Civilization in the Crosshairs I observed that someone who “can be convinced that procreation isn’t a prerequisite for any rational definition of marriage, can be convinced of anything.” Procreation is life’s prime directive, second only to survival. If you’re searching for a “meaning of life,” procreation is Nature’s answer. All other answers—finding the “purposeful life,” transcending the wheel of karma and reaching Nirvana, selfless love, serving others, leaving with the most toys—are all rebuttable. Nature’s answer is not. It is instinctual, a hard-wired biological commandment: Reproduce thyself! That is your purpose! Maybe your offspring will be granted the privilege of learning the meaning of existence, life, the universe, and everything.

Feminism’s goal is to dismantle the patriarchal order and replace it with a matriarchal one. In relentless pursuit of its goal, it has unintentionally beaten a path to its own demise. With biological male/transgendered women elbowing their way onto women’s medal podiums and into their locker rooms and bathrooms and yes, lesbian bars, there will no longer be any “sacred, safe spaces” for women.

According to Michael Biggs, a sociology professor at the University of Oxford, “the end of segregation by sex threatens the dignity and safety of women rather than men, because men are more violent and sexually predatory than women.”[32] He goes on to list female political leaders who have championed transgender rights in the UK, including former Prime Minister Theresa May, Scotland’s lesbian First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, and a host of other women. The list demonstrates that transgenderism is being promoted overwhelmingly by women in government and academia. “Transgender doctrines are enforced by the burgeoning diversity-industrial complex which was created by feminists and is disproportionately staffed by women” he asserts, and “virtually the entire feminist establishment has embraced transgenderism.”

“The evidence is overwhelming,” he concludes, “Transgenderism—a “men’s rights movement”(!)[33]—has greater support from women than from men, and its success has depended on women in power who brandish their feminist credentials.”

Feminism naturally allies with any cause that opposes the patriarchal order. The LGBT movement is an extension of feminism; it works directly to undermine the atomic unit of society: the biological nuclear family. Lesbianism is the ultimate (non-violent) expression of male hatred—the rejection of male sexual partnership, the only way to procreate. This is not the case for male homosexuality—in fact, more like the opposite. Gay men frequently socialize with women and are more comfortable with them. There is no inherent element of misogyny in the gay community. Gay men love women. Lesbians, on the other hand, that majority that adapted to it, invariably learned it from bad experiences... with men. Overthrowing the patriarchy is the common goal of feminists—lesbian or otherwise. The patriarchy is the enemy of transgenders, also. It is the patriarchy that insists on rigid sex roles, anathema to transgenderism, to ensure the survival and prosperity of the tribe via the health and maintenance of the nuclear family, its fundamental building block.

* * *

Just as a transgendered woman like Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner can never shed his biological masculinity, feminists cannot succeed in building a matriarchal civilization. Like Bruce Jenner, they can appear to succeed, but as time wears on the masquerade begins to disintegrate. Any matriarchal society will be short-lived; either collapsing from within or falling to an external, patriarchal enemy. (Most likely the former preceding an invitation to the latter. Refer to p. 109.) There are no historical matriarchal societies. There are (feminist) theories of pre-historical ones, based on a ceramic idol here and an arrowhead there, but where is the proof? Where are the monuments of the great, ancient matriarchal civilizations?

Take Sweden. The most feminist nation on Earth is now the world’s number two rape capital of the world. Swedish men did not suddenly find their mojo and channel their inner Viking. The sexual assaults and rapes are being committed by the hundreds of thousands of immigrants welcomed by Swedes (particularly the women) from parts of the world that not only share none of their customs or norms of civil behavior, but belong to a religious culture that actually demonizes the liberal value system of the modern European nation-state. With this immigrant population now exceeding 18 percent of Sweden’s population, and the demographic realities of the respective birth rates (like the rest of the West, native Swedes are not replacing themselves; yet the immigrant share of the births is now 22 percent[34]), it is only a matter of time until the world’s foremost feminist state collapses, with the immigrant population using democracy to topple democracy and usher in a patriarchal theocracy.

Sweden serves as a warning of what can happen when a society chooses to promote sexual agency for women. It doesn’t work. Female sexuality is such a powerful force that it must be circumscribed by social rules and conventions, if not by law. History speaks unanimously to this point. Every civilization has mechanisms for constraining female promiscuity. In the Islamic world, it carries a death sentence. In the West (until the sexual revolution of the sixties), shame and stigma were the penalties. The iron fist of the law wasn’t necessary, as the economic realities resulting from out-of-wedlock pregnancy were enough for womenfolk to police each other, especially generationally.

Civilization cannot survive untethered female sexuality. It is a biological imperative for men to know with certainty that they are the true fathers of their children. The marriage contract is intended to provide this guarantee through a wife’s sexual fidelity.

These concepts are now viewed as quaint anachronisms... ancient history. The steady stream of female empowerment since the birth-control pill has grown to a torrent. No-fault divorce. Abortion and child support regimes gave women ownership of the “means of reproduction,” and from that flowed a tsunami of new “equal rights” that effectively quashed any residual power that men still had in their relationships with women and their own children, legal or otherwise.

The MeToo movement is the latest theater in what has become a real war of the sexes. Like so many of the previous power grabs, it relies on the unquestioned status of women as victims of some facet of men’s bad behavior. Sexual congress between men and women is something that by its physical nature lends itself to male domination. An aggressive woman cannot force a man to have an erection. The opposite situation, however, is all too true—it’s called rape. How can something so manifestly unbalanced be switched? How can women gain control of the “rules of engagement”?

Only through force of law. Laws and public policy governing sex have been an unceasing battleground with movement in one direction only: men ceding territory to women. Statutory rape laws criminalize men having sex voluntarily with girls under the age of consent (16 in most states but up to 18 in 19 states). Accusations of rape or sexual assault are fertile ground for women to fraudulently punish a man for an encounter that resolves to “he said/she said” allegations. Outrageous miscarriages of justice have taken place in colleges, in no small part due to Obama’s “Dear Colleague” policy previously mentioned.

The MeToo movement is in that tradition. Its alleged aim seeks to expose the prevalence of men using positions of power to coerce sexual favors from women. The Hollywood parties where women are loosened with liquor to incapacitate them and render them unable to give legal consent to sex. In such circumstances women are stripped of any responsibility for their actions. That women intentionally drink, and perhaps drug, specifically to lose their inhibitions because their objective is to hook up—this cannot possibly happen. Similarly, that young attractive women knowingly trade sex for the possibility of career advancement, not just in Hollywood, but in business and perhaps politics—this too, the sexual quid pro quo, cannot exist in the MeToo universe.

As a result of MeToo many prominent men, many formerly well-loved liberal “pro-feminist” public figures such as Al Franken and Matt Lauer, have seen 180-degree reversals of fortune. Once celebrities, now pariahs... and many now behind bars. Many of these men are what we call alpha males. “Players.” The guys who got all the chicks. The ones other guys envied.

So what’s MeToo’s message to men? To the beta males: nothing. No impact. Alpha males are the target. Professional athletes. Celebrities used to women falling at their feet. Hollywood directors. Alpha businessmen. Men in walks of life and in positions of personal power where there was little need to pursue women—they naturally flocked to them. Donald Trump? Certainly. He’s a candidate for a MeToo lawsuit.

The message, then, to alpha males, is this: Be careful. Watch out. If you don’t change your ways, you can be brought down. Easily.

It’s a message intended to curtail the sexuality of those aggressive males who are biological success stories: their sperm is shared with the most females. It’s a message designed to take out alpha males, leaving... the betas. Entirely consistent with, and frankly necessary for, the feminist objective: dismantling the patriarchy and replacing it with a matriarchal order. A world of beta males will be much easier to control.

These then, are the fruits of feminism: declining birth rates, female teachers seducing schoolboys, fatherless children, the hookup culture, the death of female modesty, weak men, rampant homosexuality, sexual confusion, transgenderism and other insane social experiments. Faggotized men, drag queen boys, Drag Queen story hours in public libraries, butch and butchered girls, social and moral decay and eventual civilizational collapse.

It took less than six months to get from the legalization of gay marriage (6/26/15) to Drag Queen Story Hour. How long until pedophilia is normalized by those brahmins of the human condition, the APA (American Psychological Association)? Real pedophilia, that is—not the phony kind where men are taken down for lusting after physically mature girls who fall under the legal “age of consent.” How long before it’s given the legal imprimatur of those guardians of human rights, the ABA (American Bar Association)?

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