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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Rachel Dolezal Phenomenon

Daryl Kane

Last week droves of progressives stood up and applauded as Bruce Jenner heroically embraced her “true” identity as Caitlyn.  This week however, the same do-gooders find themselves doing a bit of soul searching as they feel inexplicably ambivalent towards Rachel Dolezal.  If they accept the notion that gender is a social construct, an illusion, why don’t they feel the same way about ethnicity?  Are they, too, guilty of prejudice?  In their efforts to abolish the constant barrage of bigotry that is western civilization, had they neglected to fully cleanse it from themselves?  For those of you asking yourselves this question, don’t worry.  Remove the belt from around your neck and slowly step down from your chair. Take a deep breath and repeat after me.  It’s not your fault.  It’s not your fault. 

The reason why you felt compelled to cheer for Jenner but not Rachel Dolezal is actually quite simple.  It’s because you hadn’t been told to yet.

When Rachel Dolezal began her transracial journey she made one tragic mistake.  She didn’t allow the Left to tell everyone how heroic she was first.   You see, “Caitlyn” Jenner had the luxury of emerging on stage after Americans had already been thoroughly “educated” about the wonders of transgenderism.  Their professors at P.C. University had already enlightened college students about the age-old historical struggle between a community created a few decades ago and the forces of reactionary, patriarchal evil.  This lesson had been reinforced by the charming depictions of the transgendered hero that graced our televisions and the snide put-downs of anyone who dared oppose their struggle for liberation.  And ultimately, even if you lived under a rock or managed to navigate around your college indoctrination, activist judges made it clear.  Transgenderism and the surgical mutilation of one’s reproductive organs is not only perfectly normal, it’s actually quite heroic.  Besides, isn’t it covered under Obamacare?

For those of you still with me the lesson is clear.  Don’t wait for the loony Left to tell another generation what is and is not “normal.”  The antidote to the absurdity of political correctness is a hearty dose of common sense.  The Left is fully aware of this fact which is why they’ve put so much effort into bullying us away from cultural issues.  Meanwhile, as we timidly retreat, the Left defines the rules and boundaries of the conversation in such a manner that by the time it begins we have already been disqualified.  Those of us who still rely on rational thought must not only make our voices heard during the debate but must also insist on having a say in defining the narrative.

The Left will argue that parallels between Jenner and Dolezal are faulty because Jenner announced his/her trans identity openly, while Dolezal appears to be using it as a defense after being caught in lie. 

This is not altogether untrue, but even if this narrative survives they will not be able to avoid answering the simple question: Does transethnicity exist? 

As is often the case with politically correct assertions, there is no answer to that question that doesn’t lead to a paradox.  If the answer is Yes and if ethnicity truly is yet another “social construct,” why are campuses so obsessed with determining the ethnicity of their applicants?  If the answer is No, how can you accept the notion of transgenderism when society began its horrific habit of classifying its members as male or female long before it began classifying them as black or white? 

Traditionally the Left’s response to the numerous paradoxes created by politically correct orthodoxy has been to provide no answer.   That is to say, they have relied on their unilateral control over the portals of public discourse (mainstream media, academia, the entertainment industry, etc.) to swiftly eliminate any such questioning before anyone gets a chance to even think about it.

The purveyors of political correctness have created a strange world where things like gender and ethnicity are fluid or imagined and the only constants are racism, sexism and white-male privilege.  It’s a world where the deranged are given free rein to project their delusions on the masses and those that don’t pretend to see it are the ones diagnosed with phobias.  They’ve had a great deal of success growing this world, so much so that a majority of Americans twice elected a proud proponent of it.  There is however one fatal flaw in the design of their world.  It is built on ideas and premises that have no basis in reality and are diametrically opposed to natural law, logic and reason.  That’s why a seemingly minor and trivial story like Rachel Dolezal can prove to be so powerful—because political correctness is a bubble of hot air that depends upon a massive defense apparatus for survival.  A massive, tax payer funded machine that aims to pulverize any and all obstacles, be it a politician, business or private citizen.  For the most part the Left has done an impeccable job protecting the masses from dissenting views and free speech, but inevitably something was bound to slip through.

Rachel Dolezal not only happened, America knows it happened, and for the first time in a long time they are seeing political correctness for exactly what it is: A whole lot of nonsense.

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