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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Transgenderism and Women's Sports: Rubber, meet road

 by Marcus Clintonius Americus

The movement to permit transgender women to compete in women’s athletics is on the fast track to becoming the rule of law for all, thanks to the efforts of newly elected President Joe Biden and his cabinet. Many women directly impacted are calling it a “war on women.”

The normalization of transgenderism is not about any “war on women.” There is no, and never has been, any “war on women” in modern history (herstory?). Rather, what we are seeing play out here is the inevitable consequences of an inherently self-contradictory political creed, one that contains within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Identity politics is by definition a political struggle between groups of people differentiated by a shared characteristic such as sex, race or religion. It is fundamentally a force of division, antagonistic to harmony-through-unity by its design.

Just as male feminists are inevitably taken down by charges of sexual harassment (can you say Matt Lauer, Bill O’Reilly, Chris Matthews, Al Franken. or the latest, Governor Cuomo?), and similarly as “woke” whites are either guilty of racism if they admit to their unconscious biases or guilty of “white fragility” if they don’t, it was inevitable that feminists, too, would eventually be hoisted on their own “sexual equality” petard.

If, as we are supposed to believe, actual biological differences between men and women cannot possibly manifest themselves in career choices, intellectual pursuits, sexual proclivities, or Legos vs. Barbie dolls… if sex is really just a social construct… then there is no reason to believe transgendered “women” have any inherent advantages over normal women. And no law or policy should dictate otherwise.

Feminists who oppose welcoming transgenders into their circles are called TERFS—Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. Hence, the “TERF wars” raging over women’s athletics.

The inclusion of biological male “transgender” competitors turns women’s athletics, an important and consequential area of young women’s lives, upside down; and at the highest competitive levels, such as the Olympic podium, poses a true existential threat. College athletic scholarships are also at stake for girls.

These TERF wars are a signal point in the evolution of identity politics. It may be the first time that a defcon-level ideological dispute has pitted two of the three foundational victim groups against one another: women and the sexually non-conforming.

Let’s be clear about this, the actual, operational definition of intersectionality is the mutual agreement between the various “oppressed” groups as to their common enemy: White men. Intersectionality is a reminder to the “woke” of what they all share, despite any disagreements that might pop up between them; that any such differences should always be viewed through the wider lens of what unites them: the patriarchy. So put down your pitchforks, feminists and transgenders, and stay on message.

Women versus transgenders. Rubber, meet road…  

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